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Mushroom Coffee - Gut Blend

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☕️ MUSHROOM-INFUSED DARK ROAST COFFEE: Our instant Mushroom Coffee blends mushrooms and a blend of pre & probiotics to give you a focus boost in your daily cup of joe.
🍄 WHY MUSHROOMS?: The well-renowned Chaga mushroom is known to promote energy & cognition, stress relief & balancing, and endurance & energy, all to help take on the day. 
🥄 INSTANT COFFEE, AMPLIFIED: Just add a spoon and give it a stir. We know you have a full day ahead of you— our coffee is formulated to match the pace of your morning routine.

Quality & Sourcing

We have high standards when it comes to ingredient sourcing. Over the course of 20 years, we have developed strong relationships with trusted ingredient suppliers. All raw materials are reviewed and tested to ensure they meet our quality standards.

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What Everyone's Saying 💬
What Everyone's Saying 💬
What Everyone's Saying 💬
What Everyone's Saying 💬